Roasted Coffee Stimulates All Human Senses

“Talk to me after I’ve had my first cup of coffee.” Everyone knows someone like that and maybe you are one of them. Coffee has been a popular beverage for centuries, and it has never been more a part of the culture than it is today. Industries (and fortunes) have been built around the concept of people wanting a soothing […]

How To Start Creating Your Own Lightroom Presets

Why Try And Re-Invent The Wheel? I’m of an age where we used to take stuff apart if it was broken and try and ‘reverse engineer’ where the problem was, mostly failing miserably, however on rarer occasions actually saving ourselves some money. I’m well aware this is more difficult now, with redundancy built into the vast majority of what we […]

Fashion must-haves this autumn/winter

Fashion is always a good way to make yourself look and feel better. This in-between transition requires some statements in your wardrobe to really feel festive and cosy. 1. Jeans Black or blue, you can’t get enough of jeans. They are a statement all year round, however pairing them with sweaters is the best autumn look. Which leads me to… 2. Sweaters or Jumpers You […]

Flattering Wedding Dresses for Skinny Brides

A Beautiful Knee Length Short Wedding Gown This adventuresome, yet sophisticated lace taffeta, long sleeve dress is a sweeping look for petite brides, who might be worried about looking a little too short or skinny. Romona Keveza uses silk taffeta here to make this dress, stylish, comfortable, and very chic. Silk taffeta is a really smart decision for anyone, who […]

A Guide for Your Next Trip to the Lakes of Alberta

Why Visit Alberta? Alberta is a very versatile place. The Rockies are also one of the biggest attractions that can only be found there, and it boasts lakes and rivers in colors that I couldn’t find in any other province. It’s those lakes that truly enchanted me and made me fall in love with Alberta. There are certain ones that […]

Planning a Cross-Country Road Trip on a Budget

As much as we love Jack Kerouac, his depiction of traveling across the U.S.A. in “On The Road,” is more capricious than realistic. In June 2015 I was about to graduate from UC Davis. I had a little bit of pocket money saved up, plus an online job that I could do from anywhere with Wifi. Wanderlust had always made […]

100% Einkorn Bread Recipe – surprisingly delicious!

Einkorn is the original form of wheat eating during prehistoric times, dating back to about 12,000 years ago at the dawn of agriculture. Substantially different at the chromosomal level from modern wheat, einkorn can still yield a shockingly delicious loaf of bread which is quite a bit more healthy than the usual stuff. I had read that einkorn bread was […]