Fashion must-haves this autumn/winter

Fashion is always a good way to make yourself look and feel better. This in-between transition requires some statements in your wardrobe to really feel festive and cosy.

1. Jeans

Black or blue, you can’t get enough of jeans. They are a statement all year round, however pairing them with sweaters is the best autumn look. Which leads me to…

2. Sweaters or Jumpers

You can’t have enough jumpers. You need berry, beige, neutral, forest green and white, basically all of the autumn colours! You need to stay warm throughout those windy days.

3. Ankle boots

Always a good accessory for a cosy outfit. Combat boots will also be a great add-on to your outfit, if you’re feeling a bit grungy.

4. Scarves!

Scarves complete every outfit. If you feel your outfit needs a bit of something, put on a big chunky scarf. It will make a huge difference!

5. Teddy Coat

Teddy coats are so in right now! They don’t just look amazing but they warm you up just enough. Beige, black or white are the best colours to choose from.

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