Planning a Cross-Country Road Trip on a Budget

As much as we love Jack Kerouac, his depiction of traveling across the U.S.A. in “On The Road,” is more capricious than realistic.

In June 2015 I was about to graduate from UC Davis. I had a little bit of pocket money saved up, plus an online job that I could do from anywhere with Wifi. Wanderlust had always made a home deep inside of me, and as I approached the end of the spring term, I decided there may never be a better time for me to hit the road and experience the country I belong to.

Planning a 50 day long adventure was no easy task, though. It required hours upon hours of research, correspondence and compromise (due to a tight budget).

Here, I intend to share with you the valuable things I learned, and the steps it takes to prepare such an endeavor.


1. Pick Your Pals
2. Plan Your Route
3. Assess Your Budget
4. Find Your Lodging
5. Prep Your Vehicle

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