Space station mold survives high doses of ionizing radiation

The International Space Station, like all human habitats in space, has a nagging mold problem. Astronauts on the ISS spend hours every week cleaning the inside of the station’s walls to prevent mold from becoming a health problem. New research being presented here finds mold spores may also survive on the outside walls of spacecraft. Spores of the two most […]

Advance Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations will continue to bring scientific breakthroughs, in part, thanks to the vast amounts of data that new technologies have been collecting and is now available. In 2019, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be embedded in the business platform creating and enabling smart business operations. In the Artificial Intelligence space, China is going to leave the […]

Porn pirating lawyer jailed for five years

John Steele co-founded a firm called Prenda Law that set up and ran the porn-trolling scheme. His Prenda partner Paul Hansmeier was jailed for 14 years in June for his role in the scam. Steele faced a sentence of more than 10 years but this was reduced because he co-operated with prosecutors.

17 Types of photography: Which niche is right for you?

The Walkie-Talkie app let two people who had accepted an invitation send and receive short audio messages. But Apple said it had been “made aware” of a flaw that “could allow somebody to listen through another customer’s iPhone without consent”. It has disabled the feature and apologised for the inconvenience. However, Apple said it was not aware of the Walkie-Talkie […]

Mobile app ‘finds anti-cancer molecules in food’

The research identified carrots, celery and oranges as having the highest number of cancer-fighting molecules. The DreamLab app, which has now been downloaded 83,000 times, works while users sleep and has so far performed more than 10 million calculations. One expert said there was a “long road ahead” to develop treatments. The app uses an algorithm to measure the properties […]