‘They make claims to create tension’: Iran denies boats tried to intercept British oil

Another potential escalation between Iran and the western powers appeared to have been averted amid claims by US and UK officials on Thursday that three ships belonging to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards sought “attempted to impede” a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz. Iranian officials bluntly denied any such incident took place. Wednesday’s alleged incident in the Gulf follows […]

Support for homeless McDonald’s worker shamed on Facebook

The photograph was shared on a local Facebook group, with a caption stating it was “just another reason… to leave Fayetteville”, along with an angry emoji. However, after it transpired the man was homeless and resting between working two shifts at the fast-food restaurant, the local community decided to offer support, rather than ridicule him. Local reporter Matt Johnson managed […]

Swearing good for people, says Ukrainian health minister

Whether for relief or to express frustration, swear words are a versatile part of language. In Ukraine, the acting health minister Ulana Suprun has suggested that swear words can be good for your health as the use of them can indicate strong relationships and “good emotional contact” between people. She was commenting in response to a proposed new law being […]