The Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies For 2020

The impetus behind satellite mega-constellations is the goal to provide every corner of the planet with high-speed internet. Satellite mega-constellations are the solution to banish spotty Wi-Fi signals and cellular connections. While enabling global connectivity for nearly anyone on the planet, these satellite mega-constellations will also litter space and dramatically increase the number of satellites in orbit very quickly. Without […]

Yellow Classic Car Looks Great.

Classic Cars that Actually Look Good in Yellow. … Although, never a popular car color, yellow has in fact been offered since the dawn of the automobile in the late 1800’s. For example, the 1895 Chicago Benton Harbor Autocycle and the 1898 Fisson Tonneau 8HP were available in a vibrant yellow.

Best smartphone in Cheap Price.

The launch of the new iPhone 11 models has shaken up the camera phone market – again! So choosing the best camera phone just got even harder. With multi-camera arrays, 48-megapixel sensors, time-of-flight depth cameras and zoom capability, camera phones can rival (or beat) actual cameras.

Apples offical magical keyBoard for mac.

One of the main promises Apple is making with its new 16-inch MacBook Pro is that the keyboard — after years of easily broken butterfly-switch mechanisms — is finally switching back to the more reliable scissor-style switches it’s used in the past. And iFixit’s teardown of the new laptop confirms that promise, with Apple using scissor switches that appear to […]

Invention of incandescent bulb.

Though Thomas Edison is usually credited with the invention of the light bulb, the famous American inventor wasn’t the only one who contributed to the development of this revolutionary technology. Many other notable figures are also remembered for their work with electric batteries, lamps and the creation of the first incandescent bulbs.

Touchscreen Macbok PRO 15 For You.

Whether you’re jotting down notes, sketching a masterpiece or just quickly zooming in on a photo, touch screens add a lot of versatility to your average laptop. Thanks to technological advances, laptop touch screens have gone through vast improvements in accuracy and speed as well as battery efficiency.

Doctor-patient interaction and patient satisfaction.

Technology has continued to make advances in a way that the authorities and leading medical companies did not foresee.  Internet is reaching more and more people via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, allowing people to go on-line anywhere and at any time. People can now create their own health folder and ask doctors questions over the Internet. However, […]