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Best DSLR camera 2020

Despite fewer recent releases, DSLRs still make a lot of sense for photographers from beginners all the way up to professionals. Although it’s fair to say that mirrorless cameras are getting all of the attention of late, it remains true that there’s still a pretty large market for those who prefer working with a traditional DSLR. Happily for those people, there’s still a good amount of choice on the market,…

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Your photos are STUNNING! Thank you so, so much. They are all just spectacular and a gift we will treasure always. We are really grateful. You are just amazing, Jeff.…

Dan Marisa

senior photographer

Thank you for shooting Jared's Bar Mitzvah. Our experience working with you was fantastic and the pictures you captured are outstanding and really captured the magic of the day.

Laurie H

Senior Video editor

Jeff is truly an outstanding photographer and wonderful person with an almost mystical ability to capture the true nature of people and events. I would recommend him to anyone!

Federica Corneli

Photo editor