Clean linens and clean lines are the perfect recipe for a great night’s sleep.The pops of red that show up in this bedroom give a little hint of passion to an otherwise simple design. … Glass closet doors make this simple bedroom feel more open – and are a nice encouragement to keep things organized.We didn’t either, hit up this list of other do’s and don’t in the bedroom coming from the authority — Martha Stewart. • Tips for Washing Dirty Windows: You can wash your sheets, make the bed, sweep and add some nice accent lighting, but what will really lighten and brighten a bedroom best is clean …While you might not consider a fireplace in the bedroom to be a bastion of simplicity, plenty of negative space a neutral color palette mean the room is peaceful in its own way.

Wood paneling and shutters give this bedroom a cozy atmosphere and let you block out the light when you want to sleep in. This bedroom from visualizer Ngoc Bau has a feminine je ne sais quoi without resorting to pinks and florals, just some ethereal tufting and plenty of smooth white. With a furnished workspace and private balcony, you would never even need to leave the comfort of this bedroom.

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