A Vision of Beauty

I have been asked tonight to talk about a Christian vision of beauty, and I am first struck by the fact that this conversation would be so rare. There are altogether too few opportunities for Christians to ponder some of the biggest questions of life. We tend to focus on the questions of urgency and the questions of immediate interest. […]

Lose weight

Another benefit of cutting carbs is that it lowers insulin levels, causing your kidneys to shed excess sodium and water out of your body. This reduces bloat and unnecessary water weight (2, 3).

Rest a while and run a mile.

While resting between runs may make a lot of sense, it is much more difficult to wrap your head around the concept of resting while you run. When you go out for a run, the concept of rest that comes to mind is shutting down, sitting down, and possibly laying down. But any of those options aren’t productive for finishing […]

Fitness is not a destination it is a way of life.

Living a healthy lifestyle can help you stay fit and away from illnesses. Not only that, you can also do all the things that you want to do because you are physically fit and able. One of the most common methods to sustain a healthy lifestyle is doing regular exercise accompanied by a balance and healthy diet.

Flowers are Love’s Truest Language

Flowers are a beautiful addition to any wedding decor, as well as a lovely adornment for the wedding party. Brides make sure they choose flowers with care and consideration to enhance their ceremony. It’s been said, that during Victorian times, lovers would send messages to each other using different flowers, with each flower having its own meaning..

Lovely red

Famous red rose of long stems, naturally without spines and owner of a huge button with velvety petals. Of indisputable quality this variety adapted perfectly to the climate of Ceará and conquered all with its unique characteristics, besides the facility in the folding of petals for decoration.Seeking to generate tones and colors that nature still does not offer us, Lovely […]

Beautiful lantern

Whether floating across the night sky in the hundreds, drifting gently across the water, hanging from summer trees, draped on temples to ring in the New Year, or simply dangling from the ceiling in your bedroom, lanterns have a unique way of transfixing us with their graceful, glowing beauty. Luckily for us, there are dozens of festivals and celebrations around […]